About me

Hi, I’m Viktor Zagreba. I am 32 years old. I live in Western Ukraine and work part time in several non-for-profit projects. I graduated from Kyiv International University (BA in International Relations, 2005) and University of Maryland (MA in Public Policy, 2013).


Speaking about international education. Ivano-Frankivsk, 2015

If you want to learn more about me, here is a short list of what I am:

  • Manager of non-profit projects
  • Father of two boys
  • Agent of changes
  • Expert in road safety
  • Bicycle junkie
  • Civic and political activist
  • Scholar & teacher

Some initiatives and organizations I belong to:

My network profiles:

My email is viktor[AT]zagreba.com

Місто Нант, Франція. Завершилась конфреренція. Літо 2015

During Velo-City international conference in Nantes, France, 2015